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The Barre Academy is a Boutique Fitness Studio Offering Barre Strength Training and Conditioning Programs, Constructed Around the Restoration of the

Kinetic Chain.

Often times, "high intensity" and "high impact" are interchanged, but truly couldn't be more different.  

The Barre Academy was constructed to include

Low-Impact, "High-Intensity" movement patterns, designed with principle techniques that work in multiple planes of the body. The Barre Academy encompasses flexibility, strength, proprioception, posture and endurance training, creating a foundation which

stimulates muscle fibers and supports the functions

of the musculoskeletal system, the system that provides form, support, stability, and movement to the body.  

Growing up as a classically trained dancer, competitive gymnast, figure skater, golfer, tennis player, avid snow and water skier, wakeboarder, and snow boarder, Elle suffered a significant amount of injuries over the years due to the wear and tear on her body, improper rehabilitation guidance and fad workout techniques. 

After college, Elle put "Dance" to the side and pursued a career in the Medical Sales field, spending most of her professional career in the Operating Rooms of large hospital systems and trauma units, supporting Physician needs and Patient education in the areas of Advanced Wound Care, Orthopedics, and Cardiovascular surgical devices and supply management. 


Elle's passion for the improvement of personal livelihood, went beyond the Hospital setting, when she stumbled upon a Barre Fitness program in 2011. She believed in the method and grew into a certified Barre Instructor. 

As a Student and Instructor of Barre, Elle experienced the benefits of the program, but over the years, felt there was more to explore with regards to the “needs” of the human body and the movement challenges she sees today. Thus,

The Barre Academy was Born! 

Elle and her Husband moved to East Mesa to open the first "TBA Studio", and share her program with the community.  

Elle is not only passionate about improving the overall health of her clients, but identifying physical limitations and altered movement patterns that create injury and chaos in their daily pursuits. Though a firm believer in the innovation of modern medicine and surgical intervention, Elle absolutely believes that lifestyle behaviors, altered positional patterns and the fluctuation of high impact-forced exercise programs, often lead to a vast majority of society injuries, chronic pain, and physical limitations. These faulty movement patterns that the body endures, coupled with the lack of flexibility within the musculoskeletal system, initiate physical circumstances which are highly susceptible to injury and promote recurrent damage.


Elle created The Barre Academy Strength Training and Conditioning Program because she hasn’t experienced any single fitness program that addresses the true needs of physical-human movement, while recognizing the evolution of our daily behavioral patterns that directly correlate with our ability to operate at our optimal performance.

Elle is a Certified Personal Trainer, Correctional Exercise Specialist, Exercise Therapist, Nutritionist, and certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED. 

Previously suffering from sciatica and a low back injury, it was important to Elle that she design a program that keeps the integrity of a neutral spine position. Much of The Barre Academy components are structured around strengthening core stabilizer muscles, while protecting the pelvis, lower lumbar, lumbosacral spine, and piriformis muscle, which if injured or compressed, can cause painful neuromuscular conditions due to the irritation or compression on the sciatic nerve.  She is passionate about guiding her clients safely through their fitness initiatives, developing their physical strengths and fostering and promoting quality movement into their daily habits.

Elle’s training and conditioning program at The Barre Academy, identifies each client’s physical limitations and provides kinetic chain restoration, by working in multiple planes of the body, stimulating muscle fibers, and encompassing flexibility, strength, proprioception, posture and endurance training. Classes are suitable for people of all fitness levels, for those who have suffered injuries or ailments due to certain conditions, and for those looking to increase flexibility, lose inches, shed weight, develop increased muscle definition, and improve joint stability and ligament health.  

Raise the Barre for yourself and take your Health and Physical Fitness to new level… A level in which you Thrive.

                        Welcome to The Barre Academy!  

Meet The Owner
& Creator of
The BarreAcademy 

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Raising the BARRE

on Fitness.

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