60 MIN

- ALIGN - 



60 MIN 



45 MIN

- Allégro -

Cardiovascular Adaptation



60 MIN


Nutrition support and private academy training



Two Ways To Sweat!


                  - RADIATE -

Integrated Training

60 minute total body workout that stimulates muscle transformation

(the Signature barre Academy class)

Transform your Mind and Body through

The Barre Academy 60 minute Barre Strength Training and Conditioning workout, creating stamina to construct a new foundation in which stimulates endurance, develops strength, and fosters and supports the functions of the musculoskeletal system, the system that provides form, support, stability, and movement to the body.

Class Offerings


 - ALIGN -

60 minute conditioning: flexibility + proprioception

Isolate, Target and Develop weaker muscles that deserve more attention in this 60 Minute Proprioception Conditioning workout, designed to improve Flexibility, Spinal Posture, Body Positioning, Self-Movement, and Balance, by stimulating & controlling Vestibular System responses, the sensorimotor system within the body that is responsible for orientation and balance.


                     - ALLEGRO -

Cardiovascular Adaptation

Increase your work-capacity or “staying power” in this 60 Minute Low-Impact, “High-Intensity” Cardiovascular Class promised to develop Stamina and Endurance.

In order to generate movement within the body, muscles act on Synovial Joints. Joint preservation methods are imperative in our movement patterns, as they significantly lower our risks for injury or trauma. The Barre Academy’s focus to proper alignment ensures that your body is moving at its most optimal level.  “Allegro” means Movement, and movement supports the 4 Major Functions of the Skeletal Muscular System: 

- Force generation for movement

- Force generation for respiration (Breathing)

- Force generation for postural support

- Heat production

Avoid the loss of efficiency and capacity that is gained in the other “TBA training-induced adaptations” by including this low impact, high intensity cardio class

throughout the week. 


             - REVIVE -

 Myofascial Release & Restoration

45 Minute Restorative workout that centers around adaptations and Improvements to the Nervous System. 

When tissue becomes restricted or contracted, blood flow is inhibited and alters joint and muscle movement, resulting in pain. Improve your Nervous System functioning (to aid in your stimuli response time) through myofascial release techniques. This class was designed to support connective tissue, and calm inflammatory muscle pain and fatigue.


              THRIVE -  

Nutrition Planning & Private Training

Customized Nutritional support, Meal-Prep Planning and individual barre academy Training Sessions available to Design and Manage Personalized fitness and Weight Loss Goals. 

                - MBA -

Mini Barre Academy

childcare services available during scheduled class times, with our dedicated cpr/first-aid/aed certified, mini barre specialists.

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